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These e-learning modules were developed independently by the Journal of General Practice Nursing and count towards your revalidation or CPD. We were able to create these modules with the support of our industry partners.


The Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit and ActiLymph® Hosiery Kit provide viable alternatives to bandages for healing venous leg ulcers. The…

The Appeel® Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover range helps to remove medical adhesive appliances from intact and broken skin.


AQUACEL® Extra™ and Ribbon dressing are designed to meet the specific demands of everyday exuding wounds and wound cavities. 

AQUACEL® Foam dressings feature a Hydrofiber® interactive wound contact layer, providing holistic exudate management, supporting the body's natural healing process. 


AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra™ has all the benefits of Hydrofiber® Technology plus ionic silver for infected, or wounds at risk of…

Atrauman® is a range of wound contact layers, which provide gentle wound care, atraumatic protection as well as antibacterial action.


Biatain® Silicone is a soft, flexible, absorbent foam dressing with a soft silicone adhesive border.

Exufiber® is a highly absorbent gelling fibre dressing with unique patented Hydrolock® technology.


HydroClean® plus is a Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing (HRWD) that cleanses, debrides, desloughs and absorbs.

HydroTac® is a Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing (HRWD) with AquaClear Technology designed to accelerate epithelialisation.


Kliniderm® superabsorbent is a four-layer superabsorbent dressing held together by a hypoallergenic seal. 

The delivery of wound care in the current climate is challenging so effective solutions are more important than ever. It…


LBF® Barrier Cream and the Sterile Barrier Film range are designed to deal with factors that can affect skin integrity.

The first NHS approved orthotic insoles proven to help prevent diabetic foot ulceration by offloading peak pressures and increasing circulation.


SurgihoneyRO™ is a cutting-edge technology, an antimicrobial wound gel utlising bio-engineered honey to deliver Reactive Oxygen™.

Zetuvit® Plus Silicone is a superabsorbent dressing with a silicone interface.