Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | December 2021

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Social prescribing, personalised care and the role of the GPN

Social prescribing, personalised care and the role of the GPN
Social prescribing

Pages: 65 - 67

Article topics: health and wellbeing

Despite the recommendations of the original Marmot Report in 2010 (Marmot, 2010) and the subsequent Marmot review (2020), the widening gap causing health inequalities has impacted on life expectancy, particularly in areas with elevated levels of multiple deprivation. The gap has resulted in those living in the least deprived areas living longer than those in the most deprived areas. Moreover, the past 18 months has witnessed an exponential rise in the numbers of people developing significant health issues, such
as mental ill-health and obesity because of the Covid-19 pandemic (World Health Organization [WHO], 2021). Here, Michelle Howarth, senior lecturer in nursing, Salford, Jo Ward, change maker, North West strategic lead for social prescribing, Cheshire and Merseyside Women and Children’s Partnership Museum Development Yorkshire consultant, and Daisy Jackson, North West regional mentor for care coordination and lead care coordinator, explore why there is an increased precedent to support communities to reduce this gap and address the wider determinants of health for citizens.

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