Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | December 2021

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Realities of using dressings under compression therapy

Realities of using dressings under compression therapy
Compression Therapy

Pages: 32 - 37

Article topics: Self-care, Superabsorbent dressing, Venous leg ulcer

Management of venous leg ulcers and use of compression therapy as early as possible have been identified as a priority (Atkin et al, 2021). However, selecting the correct wound dressing to use under compression therapy has not received the same attention, despite being crucial in the application of correct levels of pressure on the limb. This article reviews venous leg ulcers, how and why we use compression therapy, and the assessment needed before treatment starts. It also explores the attributes of dressings used under compression and the decision-making process for selecting correct dressings for each individual patient, while considering opportunities for promoting supported self-care.

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