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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | December 2021

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Managing cow’s milk allergy with hypoallergenic infant formulas

Managing cow’s milk allergy with hypoallergenic infant formulas
Infant Nutrition

Pages: 22 - 24

Article topics: Allergies

Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) symptoms present in 2–3% of all infants versus 0.5% of breastfed infants in the first year of life and can impact on growth and quality of life of the child (Venter et al, 2017; National Institute for Health and Care Excellence [NICE], 2021). Once CMA is diagnosed, hypoallergenic formulas are recommended if exclusive breastfeeding is not possible or the mother chooses a mixed feeding approach (Venter et al, 2017; Fox et al, 2019; NICE, 2021). This product snapshot reviews the diagnosis and management of CMA and focuses on Alimentum® and EleCare®, hypoallergenic infant formulas that are clinically effective at the best value price (price per 100ml) (Sicherer et al, 2001; Data on File, 2020; MIMS, 2021).

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