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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | September 2021

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Why infection prevention and control is a key priority

Why infection prevention and control is a key priority

Pages: 28 - 29

Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a fundamental component of all disciplines of health care. It affects the health of both patients and healthcare providers by preventing the occurrence of healthcareassociated infections (HCAIs) (Storr et al, 2017; Cattini and Kiernan, 2020). General practice nurses (GPNs) have a key role in preventing the transmission of infections in their healthcare setting by understanding and adhering to IPC best practice as part of everyday care delivery (Royal College of Nursing [RCN], 2017; Carrico et al, 2018).

In light of the greatest healthcare challenge in recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic, IPC best practice is more important than ever to save lives (Flynn et al, 2020; Peters et al, 2020). A pre-existing challenge for the NHS is HCAIs (Guest et al, 2020). HCAIs are not only confined to hospitals, and while the type and level of risk may be different, GPNs have the same responsibility as those working in hospitals to prevent the occurrence of infections (RCN, 2017).

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