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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | September 2021

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Preparing for the influenza immunisation programme 2021–22

Preparing for the influenza immunisation programme 2021–22
Health promotion

Pages: 52 - 55

Article topics: Covid-19, Delivery models, Immunisation, Influenza, Vaccines

The influenza immunisation programme in the UK started in the 1960s and has since been extended to offer protection to those groups most vulnerable to the infection. The extension of the programme to children aims to directly protect them and reduce transmission of the virus to those around them. General practice nurses (GPNs) are among those most trusted in informing and reassuring parents about the benefits of immunisation. This article will primarily describe arrangements for the flu immunisation programme 2021–22 in England. The programme is, of course, delivered in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and there may be subtle differences in programme delivery in the devolved nations. Nurses working in countries other than England should ensure that they are following relevant guidance specific to the area in which they practice (Scottish Government, 2021; Public Health Agency Northern Ireland, 2021, and Welsh Government, 2021).

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