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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | September 2021

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Heart failure care in Swansea: teamwork in action

Heart failure care in Swansea: teamwork in action

Pages: 62 - 66

Article topics: Community nursing, Consistency, Heart failure, Multidisciplinary team, Patient empowerment

Heart failure is an insidious long-term condition. It is defined as a clinical syndrome characterised by symptoms including fighting for breath, fatigue and fluid build-up, often noticeable in the ankles, and as weight gain. It is caused by a structural and/or functional cardiac abnormality and results in reduced cardiac output (Ponikowski et al, 2016). Here, Delyth Rucarean, advanced heart failure nurse practitioner, Swansea Bay University Health Board, talks about her role to improve in-patient treatment to heart failure patients and coordinated transition of care once they are fit to be discharged into the community heart failure specialist team.

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