Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | July 2023

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Placing patients at the heart of digital solutions to care

Placing patients at the heart of digital solutions to care
Digital technology

Pages: 22 - 23

The patient’s voice is central to health care. Patient and public involvement (PPI) is also important for an intervention, research, innovation, and education (R, I and E) project pathway which the author has developed (Figure 1). In the author’s opinion, consulting and embedding PPI, for example in this cyclical intervention process (Figure 1), can allow for better engagement in an intervention, leading to better outcomes. If PPI is considered in the ideation of a particular intervention, such as digital applications (Apps) to treat skin conditions, patients and the public will be better placed to take ownership and become embedded in the various elements of the cycle. In the author’s opinion, patients are experts in their care and can help shape R, I and E projects in line with the subject matter. Placing PPI at the heart of each stage in the cycle in Figure 1 will only have the potential to better engage participants and promote better patient outcomes.

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