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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | June 2022

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Vegan and vegetarian diets: how healthy are they

Vegan and vegetarian diets: how healthy are they
Vegetarian diets

Pages: 50 - 55

Vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular. However, it seems that instead of carefully balancing out the diet, especially a vegan one, some people are turning to fast, ultra-processed food and less nutritious meatfree food, putting themselves at risk of nutrient deficiencies. For vegans, getting enough vitamin B12 seems to be the biggest problem, as it is only found in animal products. Permanent neurological damage can result from deficiencies and supplements of this nutrient are recommended. Other nutrients that can go short include omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium and vitamin D. This article looks at how these shortages can be overcome

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