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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | June 2022

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Covid-19 and long Covid

Covid-19 and long Covid

Pages: 46 - 49

Developing knowledge of Covid-19 has been a very long, steep learning curve. Real-time research and people data, alongside modelling, have helped us keep ahead — for the most part. Knowledge of long Covid is even more scant and, as such, much of the evidence base for management is anecdotal. Many studies are being undertaken to further the progress of diagnosis and management of long covid, and most of these are ongoing within the long Covid treatment clinics. However, what may work for one person may be ineffective for another, and so a great deal of management is around what works best for the patient at the time. Not pushing the boundaries of comfort is a common refrain and developing an awareness of what is possible, listening to the body and acting accordingly form
the basis of management in the majority of cases.

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