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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | June 2021

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Embracing technology and a wound care pathway to improve practice

Embracing technology and a wound care pathway to improve practice
Long term conditions

Pages: 44 - 48

Article topics: Ankle brachial pressure index, Automated ABPI device, Healing rates, Wound care pathway

With the care of lower limb wounds taking up a considerable amount of caseload time for general practice nurses (GPNs), it is vital to look at services to ensure that they can both meet demand and improve patient outcomes. This paper explores how one practice created, implemented and streamlined a pathway of care for patients with lower limb issues. The pathway followed best practice evidence for lower leg care, i.e. initiating assessment of the patient and wound as quickly as possible, implementing compression therapy where appropriate, and then providing patients with education on how they can support their own long-term care. The practice team were able to adapt processes to utilise their local resources and remove some of the barriers to improving wound healing. The results significantly reduced patient numbers with lower limb wounds on the caseload and audit indicated that healing rates improved.

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