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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | March 2022

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Liver diseases: risk factors, causes and treatments

Liver diseases: risk factors, causes and treatments
Liver diseases

Pages: 38 - 46

Article topics: Complications, Diagnosis, Risk factors, Signs and symptoms, Treatment

There are many different causes of liver disease and current estimates suggest that as many as one in 10 people have problems with their liver at some time in their life (Foundation for Liver Research, 2020). Perhaps most worrying is the fact that incidence of liver disease is increasing, with the number of deaths reported to have increased by 400% since 1970 (British Liver Trust, 2020). Most liver diseases are asymptomatic early on, frequently resulting in late diagnosis, potentially leading to a higher risk of poor outcomes. Many of the well-known liver diseases are preventable and this article, which covers fatty liver disease, hepatitis A, B and C and liver cancer, hopes to raise awareness of risk factors, recognition, causes and treatment of these conditions, and give general practice nurses (GPNs) and non-medical prescribers more confidence when caring for patients with these illnesses.

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