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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) | March 2022

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Importance of peristomal skin protection

Importance of peristomal skin protection

Pages: 54 - 60

Article topics: Medical adhesive-related skin injuries, Peristomal moisture-associated skin damage (PMASD)

It has been reported that one in 500 people in the UK are living with a stoma (Colostomy UK, 2022) and nearly threequarters of people with a stoma experience skin problems. Therefore, skin assessment, prompt identification of risk and preventing skin problems is the cornerstone of peristomal skin care. This article introduces common peristomal
complications, focusing on the assessment and prevention of two distinct groups of peristomal skin damage; peristomal moisture-associated skin damage (PMASD), one of the types of moisture-associated skin damage (MASD), and medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI).

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